About Us


Mission Statement:

The Cragsmoor Conservancy works creatively with the community to preserve the distinctive natural and cultural resources of Cragsmoor.


Directors, Cragsmoor Conservancy, Inc.


Office Email Address Affiliation Term expires
Jeffrey C. Slade President jeff@cragsmoor.net Retired attorney 2021
Evan Blumberg Vice-President evan@lavassa.com Attorney 2021
Ruth A. Diem Secretary/Treasurer ruth@cragsmoor.net Retired human-resources executive 2020
Marty Flaxman Treasurer Martinflaxman@gmail.com Insurance broker 2019
Trisha Sayad Director at large woodsidedell1@gmail.com Landscape designer 2019
Mary Ann Mauer Director at large mam@dipierre.com Retired Store owner 2021
Kathleen Muldoon Director designated ruthdetar@aol.com Real Estate broker 2019 (1yr)

In addition to our annual meeting directly following the meeting of the Cragsmoor Association on the first Saturday after the Fourth of July, the Conservancy’s Board meets on the first Saturday of each month at 10:30 AM, and anyone who is interested is welcome to attend. Contact us for location info.

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